How would you like to see a new flow of leads injected into your business? How about guaranteed leads in 7 days? Our lead generation service ticks both of these boxes by putting your business in front of itchy-to-buy prospects every day.

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And although having a good sales team is part of this equation, it also helps a great deal if they’re actually making contact with companies or individuals that are serious about purchasing what you have to offer.

Unfortunately, on all too many occasions, sales teams end up with poor quality leads: they either don’t want what your company provides, or are looking but aren’t that serious about buying. Sometimes there aren’t even enough leads being generated, whether good or bad!

Sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, what you need is a reliable, predictable flow of high-quality leads, streaming into your inbox on a daily basis. And that’s exactly what we provide! We’re a team of lead generation experts in Dubai, with the know-how, the experience, and the tools to help blast your business to new heights.

Custom Landing Page & Sales Funnel Built For You

Every business is different. Which means every business website is different.  But most websites are built to look nice instead of convert! Whilst it’s important to differentiation yourself, there are certain fundamental things that most websites and landing pages need to have…

That’s why we level the playing field by designing and setting up a bespoke, branded landing page for every client, using our proven templates and frameworks. In other words, we know what works and we implement all THAT for you.


Have you already tried “lead generation” such as social media, or paid-for-ads, with no results? In many cases, the problem lies not with the type of advertising, but rather the way in which it’s been utilised.

Our experiences lead generation experts use a number of proven strategies to capture pre-qualified leads who are itchy-to-buy from you. In fact, we’re so confident, we guarantee leads within 7 days. Give us a week to double your business!

Automated Follow Up to Boost Sales

Inevitably, some prospects are just browsing, some are looking at other options and some just need more time before they’re ready to buy. Which is why our platform includes automated SMS and email follow-ups, reminding both your sales team to stay in touch, and your leads to move forward.

A strong follow-up process is ultimately one of the easiest ways to boost sales figures… We’ve got you covered!

Lead Generation Service Breakdown:

Choose Traffic Source

We’ll work together to decide on the best source of traffic that we feel will deliver the best leads for your available budget. This results in a highly-targeted online advertising campaign using either Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Sales Funnel Setup

We handle everything for you… From the landing page and thank-you page setup, advert design and copywriting, SMS and email follow-up sequences through to the 24/7 online reporting dashboard we’ll give you access to.


Sit back & relax, safe in the knowledge that your leads and revenue are rocketing on autopilot! We’ll continue to monitor and report on your progress, as well as making key adjustments when necessary to maximize your results.


The Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist (+Bonus Video)

This FREE on-page SEO checklist and bonus training video, reveals some of the industry's most powerful trade secrets for boosting your Google rankings and flooding your site with organic traffic. Get for FREE what others have paid $1000’s to receive.

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Put Your Lead Generation on Autopilot

With a lead generation campaign, managed by our team of online advertising experts, there’s a world of untapped opportunity literally lying at your feet! Stop wasting your hard-earned time and money on unprofitable advertising campaigns or with unprofitable agencies, when you can see our proven results.

The fact is, there’s never been a better time to advertise online that right now. Online advertising is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most targeted way to put your business in front of your ideal customers, for a generation. How else would you go about targeting say local women, over the age of 30, within a 2-mile radius, with birthdays coming up?

Or how about ensuring your website is positioned right at the top of Google, every time someone searches for the most popular keywords in your industry? It’s powerful stuff folks!

At Flare, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable outcomes for every business we work with. We’ll take all the hard work out of lead generation, delivering premium leads from an interested audience who want what you’ve got to offer! By combining years of experience with a proven framework for success and complete customisation, we ensure that every business gets a service that’s right for them.

If you want to see a fast, demonstrable increase in lead generation, it’s time to find out more about what we can offer.

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